What Weight Can a Robotic Palletiser Lift?

The weight of product that a robotic palletiser can lift depends on the specific model and capabilities of the system. Robotic palletising systems are designed to handle a wide range of product weights, but there are limitations based on their payload capacity and mechanical capabilities.

Standard industrial robotic palletisers typically have a payload capacity of around 90-120kg, with heavy-duty robots having an even higher payload capacity of more than 1000kg. The weight of the gripper head also needs to be taken into account when calculating the payload capacity of the robot and the weight it can lift. Cobot palletisers have a lot lower payload of approximately 8-20KG, but realistically after the weight of the gripper is taken off, the payload is often 2kg less than this.

When selecting a robotic palletiser, it’s essential to consider the weight of the boxes you intend to palletise and ensure that the chosen robot can handle the maximum weight without exceeding its payload limits. Additionally, the size, shape, and stability of the boxes may also play a role in determining the palletiser’s performance and the overall stacking efficiency.

It is important to consult with the manufacturer or supplier of the robotic palletiser to get specific details about the model’s payload capacity and suitability for your application. They can provide guidance on the appropriate robot for your specific needs and help ensure smooth and efficient palletising operations.

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