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Why The Modular Palletising System?

The Modular palletiser system has been designed with the needs of the industry in mind. It is fast and easy to program without the need for specialist programming skills. Automatic stack generation is available at the touch of a button for an infinite variety of products, pallets and stack configurations. Watch the video above.

From standard pick and place palletising of bags or boxes through to high speed layer forming palletising, this is a very versatile and flexible option for all your palletising requirements. Automated container unloading and palletising is also made possible thanks to the quick and easy programming software. If you are regularly changing the product sizes you are palletising, you may wish to consider our fully automated programming system which will automatically set up pallet stack patterns and program the robot.

As the system is modular, it can be simply and quickly reconfigured should your production requirements change. The modularity of the system also enables us to provide you with short lead times and a quick install time.

Whilst there are many different applications in which the Modular palletising system can be used, there are two key areas in which the system is usually used; end of line palletising, and container unloading and palletising.

Below are some typical layouts of the modular palletiser system:

Compact Modular Palletiser

Static Modular Palletiser

One Lane Autofeed Modular Palletiser

Two Lane Autofeed Modular Palletiser

Multi Lane Modular Palletiser

Container Unloading Modular Palletiser

More information on the Modular palletiser system is available on the links below.

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