Service and Support


Service and Support At Granta

Granta projects are built to a high quality standard. All of our projects are CE marked and as part of our support contract scheme we provide regular inspection and maintenance visits to ensure that your system is kept in the best working order.

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Palletiser Leasing


Businesses lease equipment everyday; water dispensers, printers, vehicles. Why not palletisers? We have partnered with Tower Leasing to enable you to realise the benefits of leasing a palletiser.

To give you an example; over the last few projects, with a 3 year lease scheme, our customers would make an average production cost saving of £63,063.60 per year after making the lease payments.


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CE Marking And Compliance


Machinery manufacturers are obliged to carry out conformity assessments and proceedures.

Granta’s commitment to these requirements has been extensive, full technical files are prepared for every project and a rigorous safety design and verification procedure is undertaken, the customer is therefore guaranteed peace of mind. Granta will also sign the declaration of conformity, taking responsibility for ensuring that the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive have been met.


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Support Contracts


The Granta support contract scheme is a second level of security for you.

Granta projects are built to a high quality standard and this support contract system has been designed to give you complete peace of mind and to ensure that technical support and help is readily available for your project should you need it.


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