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Palletiser Leasing Enables You To Realise The Benefits Of Automation

Businesses lease equipment everyday; water dispensers, printers, vehicles. Why not palletisers? We have partnered with Tower Leasing to enable you to realise the benefits of leasing a palletiser.

To give you an example; over the last few projects, with a 3 year lease scheme, our customers would make an average production cost saving of £63,063.60 per year after making the lease payments.

These savings do not include the value of any production increase, which with a palletiser is typically at least 15%, and more commonly around 40%. They also don't include any of the other benefits such as; reduced H&S claims, reduced HR, and boosted staff morale.

With leasing you start making savings from the day the palletiser is installed. At the end of the lease period we can sell you the palletiser for a small nominal fee (1%), and it will continue to work well for you for many years to come; giving you even greater savings without the lease payments.

The key benefits of leasing capital equipment include:

Click here to download our Automation Payback ROI Calculator with Leasing Options and find out what savings you could be making.

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