Palletiser Leasing


This Palletiser Leasing Scheme Enables You To Realise The Benefits Of Automation

Businesses lease equipment everyday; water dispensers, printers, vehicles. Why not palletisers? We have partnered with Tower Leasing to enable you to realise the benefits of leasing a palletiser.

To give you an example; over the last few projects, with a 3 year lease scheme, our customers would make an average production cost saving of £63,063.60 per year after making the lease payments.

These savings do not include the value of any production increase, which with a palletiser is typically at least 15%, and more commonly around 40%. They also don’t include any of the other benefits such as; reduced H&S claims, reduced HR, and boosted staff morale.

With leasing you start making savings from the day the palletiser is installed. At the end of the lease period we can sell you the palletiser for a small nominal fee (1%), and it will continue to work well for you for many years to come; giving you even greater savings without the lease payments.

The key benefits of leasing capital equipment include:

  • Have Equipment Now
    By making monthly payments, you can obtain the equipment that could benefit your company sooner, rather than waiting and saving to make a large capital outlay.
  • Quicker Return on Investment
    As you are only paying a monthly rental, you benefit a lot sooner from your investment, sometimes within months, not years.
  • Tailored Agreements
    You choose the length of the finance agreement that best suits you and your needs.
  • Easy Budgeting
    Pay monthly instalments, suitable for your business needs.
  • Great Tax Relief
    The lease rental payments you make will lower the amount of corporation tax you pay at the end of your financial year.
  • Keep Cash Flow Intact
    As monthly repayments are being made, instead of a large capital outlay, your cash flow is less impacted and could be used to invest in other areas of your business or for items that cannot be financed.
  • Finance Decisions Made in Hours
    No need to wait weeks to see if you are accepted for finance, Tower Leasing can tell you within hours and the sooner you can act, the sooner your business benefits.
  • Simple Agreements
    Tower Leasing’s finance agreements are simple to complete and can be completed electronically to help you have the equipment you need sooner, not later.

Click here to download our Automation Payback ROI Calculator with Leasing Options and find out what savings you could be making.

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Box Palletiser

Box Palletiser

Bag Palletiser

Bag Palletiser

Tray Palletiser

Tray Palletiser

Crate Palletiser

Crate Palletiser

Barrel Palletiser

Barrel Palletiser


GA15 Palletising System


Why is this the best palletising system on the market?

  • Very fast and easy to program; no specialist programming skills needed
  • Automatic stack generation; infinite variety of product, pallet and stack configurations available at the touch of a button
  • Great price; best value on the market
  • Quick to install; only one day for mechanical install
  • Short lead times; as quick as 1-2 weeks
  • Modular; complete system can be quickly and easily moved or re-configured
  • Free trial; send us some sample product and watch the system working with your products


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Production Increase


Typically +40% due to: no holidays or breaks, forced takt time, longer working hours, faster speeds…



Is often less than 1 year due to labour saving, production increase, reduced HR.

H&S Claims


Reduced to 0 as all manual handing is now done by machine.

Other Benefits


Be ahead of competition, impress customers, reduce errors, improve stack quality, boost staff morale….