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From end of line palletising systems through to automated container unloading systems, we’re ready to help. Our GA15 Palletising system has been designed with the needs of the industry in mind and offers great flexibility. We are so confident it will meet your requirements that we’re offering you a free, no obligation trial, simply contact us on 01223 499488 or helpline@granta-automation.co.uk to book.

Achieve new successes, jump ahead of your competition and stay at the cutting edge of your industry. Browse our website or contact us today for help, advice and support with your project.

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Production Increase


Typically +40% due to: no holidays or breaks, forced takt time, longer working hours, faster speeds…



Is often less than 1 year due to labour saving, production increase, reduced HR.

H&S Claims


Reduced to 0 as all manual handing is now done by machine.

Other Benefits


Be ahead of competition, impress customers, reduce errors, improve stack quality, boost staff morale….


GA15 Palletising System


Why is this the best palletising system on the market?

  • Very fast and easy to program; no specialist programming skills needed
  • Automatic stack generation; infinite variety of product, pallet and stack configurations available at the touch of a button
  • Great price; best value on the market
  • Quick to install; only one day for mechanical install
  • Short lead times; as quick as 1-2 weeks
  • Modular; complete system can be quickly and easily moved or re-configured
  • Free trial; send us some sample product and watch the system working with your products


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Free Palletiser Trial

Free Palletiser Trial


We are so confident that our GA15 palletising system will meet your requirements that we’re offering you a free, no obligation trial.


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Box Palletiser

Box Palletiser

Bag Palletiser

Bag Palletiser

Tray Palletiser

Tray Palletiser

Crate Palletiser

Crate Palletiser

Barrel Palletiser

Barrel Palletiser

Granta Support Contract

Support Contract


The Granta support contract scheme is a second level of security for you. All of our automation projects are built to a high quality standard and this support contract system has been designed to give you complete peace of mind and to ensure that technical support and help is readily available for you should you need it.


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FREE Robotics and Automation Resource Pack


Download your own toolkit for assessing the impact of automation on your process.

This pack contains some helpful calculators and interesting articles relating to automation that will help you to understand how robotics and automation will affect your process.


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