Crate Palletiser


GA15 Crate Palletising System

The GA15 crate palletising system is quick to install, low cost and fast and easy to program.

Automated crate palletising can sometimes prove a challenge as open top crates are not as simple to pick and place as boxes and bags, and a specialist gripper will need to be used.

For crate palletising, an underneath gripper head is usually used. The underneath gripper has a plate that slides underneath the crate, and an arm that goes across the top of the crate and clamps down onto the crate to hold it in place during lifting. Once the crate has been placed in the desired location the top clamp is released and the crate is then pushed off the gripper plate. The underneath gripper also has an integral vacuum gripper that is used to pick and place pallets onto the conveyor, and also to pick and place slip sheets between layers if required.

Crate stack patterns are automatically optimised in the software which enables you to quickly select the best stack pattern to get the most on your pallets without having to spend a lot of time planning.

The GA15 palletising series has also been designed with easy programming software that enables your factory floor staff to re-program the robot for palletising different crate sizes within minutes.

Palletising speeds are optimised to suit your process and depending on the speeds you need to achieve, a standard pick and place method may be used, or for higher speed applications, a layer forming process will be used.

Custom modules can also be added to the GA15 palletising series such as; pallet stretch wrapping, labelling, etc. More information on the GA15 palletiser series is available on the links below.

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Production Increase


Typically +40% due to: no holidays or breaks, forced takt time, longer working hours, faster speeds…



Is often less than 1 year due to labour saving, production increase, reduced HR.

H&S Claims


Reduced to 0 as all manual handing is now done by machine.

Other Benefits


Be ahead of competition, impress customers, reduce errors, improve stack quality, boost staff morale….



How Does It Work? - Physical


There are a wide variety of standard modular platform options available in the GA15 Palletiser Series range, with different products on each platform e.g. robot, different types of conveyors, pallet and slip sheet guides etc. Bespoke platform options are also available.

The system can quickly and easily be re-configured, moved or have extra parts added or taken away.


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How Does It Work? – Programming


The advanced programming software for this system enables quick and easy configuration and programming for any layout of system.


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Benefits - Modular


There are many benefits to the GA15 Palletiser modular system including; quick install, easily modified, aesthetically pleasing, reduced cost, easily integrated…


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Benefits – Easy Programming


The Granta GA15 Palletiser specialist programming system has been developed to make it very simple to reprogram the system very quickly.


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Free Palletiser Trial


We are so confident that our GA15 palletising system will meet your requirements that we’re offering you a free, no obligation trial.


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Best Value On The Market


The GA15 Palletising System is the best value on the market.


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Support Contract


The Granta support contract scheme is a second level of security for you. The GA15 Palletiser Series is built to a high quality standard and this support contract system has been designed to give you complete peace of mind and to ensure that technical support and help is readily available for you should you need it.


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