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Modular Crate Palletising System

The Modular crate palletising system is quick to install, low cost and fast and easy to program.

Automated crate palletising can sometimes prove a challenge as open top crates are not as simple to pick and place as boxes and bags, and a specialist gripper will need to be used.

For crate palletising, an underneath gripper head is usually used. The underneath gripper has a plate that slides underneath the crate, and an arm that goes across the top of the crate and clamps down onto the crate to hold it in place during lifting. Once the crate has been placed in the desired location the top clamp is released and the crate is then pushed off the gripper plate. The underneath gripper also has an integral vacuum gripper that is used to pick and place pallets onto the conveyor, and also to pick and place slip sheets between layers if required.

Crate stack patterns are automatically optimised in the software which enables you to quickly select the best stack pattern to get the most on your pallets without having to spend a lot of time planning.

The Modular palletising series has also been designed with easy programming software that enables your factory floor staff to re-program the robot for palletising different crate sizes within minutes.

Palletising speeds are optimised to suit your process and depending on the speeds you need to achieve, a standard pick and place method may be used, or for higher speed applications, a layer forming process will be used.

Custom modules can also be added to the Modular palletising series such as; pallet stretch wrapping, labelling, etc. More information on the Modular palletiser series is available on the links below.

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