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layer forming palletiser

Modular Layer Forming Palletising System

The Modular layer forming palletiser system is quick to install, low cost and fast and easy to program.

For high speed applications, a layer former is usually used to enable the required speeds to be achieved. Product is orientated as it comes along a conveyor and is then pushed in rows onto a table to form a layer. The complete layer is then lifted and placed onto the pallet stack.

A specialist bespoke gripper is designed for each application and the design of the gripper depends on the weight, size and type of product being lifted. If the product is a fairly rigid cardboard box, then a large vacuum gripper will usually be used, whereas other more fragile products will need an underneath gripper.

The Modular layer forming palletiser system also has easy programming software that enables your factory floor staff to re-program the robot for different sizes of product within minutes.

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