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How Will Robotic Palletising Work For You?

The videos below will give a brief overview of the Granta Modular palletising system. Browsing through this gallery will also show you some of the many different applications in which automated palletising can be used.

Whilst there are several different applications shown here, there are many more applications available. Please do contact us for further information on your specific application.

Modular Box Palletiser


Cobot Palletiser


Modular Bag Palletiser


Slip Sheet Placing and Row Gripping Palletiser


Bottle Palletiser


High Level Row Gripping Palletiser


Multi Line Multi Box Palletiser


Modular Row Grip Box Palletiser


Modular Tray Palletiser


Modular Carton Palletiser


Modular Carton and Tray Palletiser


Autonomous Mobile Robots - AMRs


Automated Guided Vehicles - AGVs


Easy Programming Software


Automated Container Unloading


The Key to Prosperity and Better Standards of Living


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