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depalletising and cross stacking palletising system

Depalletising & Cross Stacking Systems

The Granta pallet to pallet transfer systems are quick to install, low cost and fast and easy to program. Making light work of depalletising and cross stacking!

There are two key areas in which depalletising is usually used; to destack product onto a production line, or to cross stack from Euro pallets to standard pallets to fit the UK distribution network and pallet storage systems.

Most, if not all of the Granta palletising systems and layouts can be used in reverse to de-palletise or cross stack products. The robot gripper picks individual boxes off the pallet or conveyor, and then places them onto a production line or another pallet in a different stack configuration. If the incoming pallet stacks are wobbly or have moved in transit, than an intervening process can be added to the system to align the boxes and ensure the new stack is neat and square.

All of the Granta systems have easy programming software that enables your factory floor staff to re-program the robot for transferring different sizes of product within minutes.

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