Fast, Flexible Palletising

In the fast paced environment that we now live in, things are changing all the time.  Products change: sizes, quantities, types, weights, material.  With the breadth of knowledge and range of materials now available to us products evolve and change far quicker than they ever have done before. You may design a new product and then find that due to the fast pace of product development, in less than a year, you need to alter or change your product in some way to keep abreast of market developments.

This can have its challenges as we all know!  Production processes have to change, packing processes have to change, and production speeds may well have to change as well.  All this has cost implications which have to be weighed up against the enhanced value of the new product to decide if the change is financially viable.

Often the cost of making these production and packaging changes make it unviable to enhance your product, and you miss the opportunity to realise the value of selling an enhanced product and becoming an industry leader.  This is the type of conundrum that manufacturers are faced with day after day. If I modify my product will I ever realise the value of my capital investment in the production process during the lifetime of the product?  But, all this is about to change…

Here’s the good news!  We have developed an incredibly innovative palletiser.  It’s as flexible and adaptable as your production process needs to be to keep up with market demands. If your product size increases, a quick touch of the button and the palletiser is ready to go.  If you want to stack more products per pallet, another quick touch of the button and it’s ready to go.  There has never before been so much adaptability in a palletising system.

What if I stop making a product you ask…  We’ve considered for that as well. Simply unbolt the palletiser and use your forklift to transfer the system to another production process in your factory.  In less than a day the palletising system will be up and running on your new line, leaving nothing in the old location other than 4 bolt holes where the robot was once bolted to the floor.

Still not sure about all this?  Then try before you buy.  We’ve developed our free trial scheme to give you the opportunity to see how your product would work on the GA15 palletising series before you commit to investing capital in the system.  There’s two ways of doing this, either send us your product to try on the palletiser before you buy, or visit Granta with your product to see how it works on the palletiser.

Want to book up your free trial?  Let us know at or give us a call on 01223 499488.

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