Can You Lease A Palletiser?

Yes you can, is the answer to this question!  Leasing is a very efficient way of purchasing a palletising system as it helps cashflow by removing the need for a large capital outlay at the time of purchase. It also removes the need for CapEx approval in the buying process.

With leasing you pay nothing until the palletiser is installed, and start making savings over and above the lease payments from the day the palletiser is installed.

To give you an example; over the last few projects, with a 3 year lease scheme, our customers would make an average production cost saving of £63,063.60 per year after making the lease payments.

These savings do not include the value of:

  • Production increase – which with a palletiser is typically at least 15%, and more commonly around 40%.
  • Reduced Health & Safety claims.
  • Reduced HR time and cost.
  • Boosted staff morale.

At the end of the lease period the palletiser becomes yours for a small nominal fee of 1%.

Click here to download our Automation Payback ROI Calculator with Leasing Options and find out what savings you could be making. This calculator covers the many different factors that need to be considered when comparing your existing processes with an automated system.

If you would like to discuss leasing a palletising system feel free to contact us on 01223 499488 or

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