What Palletising Speeds Can Be Achieved with Different Grippers?

Depending on the product and gripper size, robot grippers can pick many products at a time speeding up the throughput of the palletiser by picking and placing multiple products at a time. The speed that the system can run in products stacked per minute is calculated as follows:

Cycles per min with the robot and gripper X no of products picked by the gripper each cycle = palletising speed in products per minute.

The table below shows typical speeds that can be achieved with different grippers. These are approximate average speeds and are very dependant on application, please contact us to get the actual likely speeds for your application.

If you would like to discuss the best gripper for your specific application, and the speeds that can be achieved, feel free to contact us on 01223 499488 or helpline@granta-automation.co.uk

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