Robotic Palletising Guide

With a lot of the industry moving towards bigger and better kit, have you considered automating your palletising process? Palletisers are now simpler, more flexible and better value than ever before; with some systems such as the Granta GA15 series so easy to program that anyone who can use a computer is able to program it.

There are many different automated palletising options available on the market, so we have put together a few key points that you should consider before investing in an automated palletising solution.

Ease Of Use
How easy is the palletising system to use? Can it quickly be reprogrammed to palletise different bag or box sizes? Can your staff re-program it themselves? Be sure the system has easy programming software as this enables your staff to re-program the palletiser quickly and easily, saving the cost of having to call out an expensive robot programmer to reprogram it for you.

Easy To Move/Re-site
Ensure that the system can be easily moved. As your systems evolve over time, the last thing you want is to end up with a palletiser stuck in the wrong corner! There are palletising systems available that are modular, which can be quickly and easily re-situated should the need arise. The modularity of these systems also allows you to adapt the palletising process to suit your needs over time by adding further processes, such as pallet shrink wrapping, slipsheets, automated pallet feeding etc., at a later date should you require it. 

Try Before You Buy
For your own peace of mind, make sure you have tried your product on a palletiser before you purchase it. Whilst palletising is a straightforward process, there are many factors that affect how neatly your products stack, and a trial is the best way to establish the best method. There are automation companies that will offer a free trial of your product on their palletiser before you purchase.

ROI on Investment
Typically the payback time for an automated palletiser is very quick as not only do you remove the manual labour element, but production can also continue to run throughout break times, thereby enabling you to improve your production speed.

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