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One of the most advanced, market leading brands of robotic palletisers on the market is the Granta GA15 palletising system.  This system is typically used for end of line palletising, and container unloading and palletising applications.

One of the key advantages of the GA15 palletiser system that sets it apart from the rest is its easy programme software; this allows your factory staff to reprogram the palletiser for different sized products in minutes.  The system is also modular which makes it quick to install, and should your production requirements change, it can be quickly and easily reconfigured.

With many different options of robotic palletiser available on the market, how do you know which palletising system is right for you? The key things to consider when looking to purchase an automated palletising system include:

  • Futureproof of throughput capacity – will the system be able to cope with increased production throughput in the future, or will it become a bottleneck in the production process?
  • Stack neatness – neatly stacked pallets are key to your product reaching its final destination in the best condition. Can the system stack the products neatly and efficiently?
  • Ease of use – can the system be quickly and easily reprogrammed by your staff, or will you have to spend money on an expensive engineer visit each time you want a new stack pattern created?
  • Product trial – have you tried your product on the palletiser you intend to purchase before committing to buy? This will give you peace of mind that what you are being offered will truly do what it says it will!
  • Integration with existing processes – ensure that the company you are buying from has experience in integrating their product with existing production processes. This will ensure you have minimal downtime at the time of the palletiser install.
  • Choose a modular system – opting for a modular palletiser system will ensure that the install runs smoothly and quickly which will mean you will experience minimum production downtime. A modular system will also future proof the system as it can easily be moved or reconfigured as you production requirements change.
  • Ask for 3D CAD simulations of the project – a 3D CAD simulation of the proposed palletising solution will enable you to visualise how the palletiser will integrate with your existing processes. It will also enable you to identify any potential pitfalls and eliminate these prior to the install process.

More information on the GA15 palletiser system is available here.


If you would like to discuss this palletiser in more detail, or would like further information on the Granta GA15 Palletising system, then please do get in touch on 01223 499488 or

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