What Type Of Automation Should I Choose To Increase Factory Staff Motivation?


The fact that automation is one of the ways you can incentivise and motivate factory staff is no longer a secret. But with so many different types of automation available today, it might seem like a daunting task choosing the best type of automation to help you achieve optimal results, not only when it comes to increasing your staff’s motivation, but also to boosting overall productivity and efficiency. Worry not! The Granta team are here to help. We’ve prepared a useful guide below that can help make this decision easier.


  1. Automated Dashboards and Scoreboards

An automated dashboard or scoreboard is a screen that is mounted in your factory or office, visible to all staff, showing live data relating to KPIs, bonuses or any other appropriate information that is going to motivate your staff.

Automated dashboards and scoreboards are by far one of the most effective ways of motivating your factory staff, by encouraging a healthy kind of competition amongst different teams. It can also turn abstract figures into a visual incentive that can demonstrate how all their hard work is paying off by reaching and even surpassing certain targets. Using dashboards and scoreboards to display relevant KPIs and targets can also become a useful reminder for everyone as to what they’re working towards and can add a sense of purpose to their work.


  1. Production Monitoring and Datalogging Systems

Production monitoring and datalogging systems consist of inputs throughout your production process, which can be in the form of sensors, detectors, encoders or HMIs, where data is automatically or manually input into the system.  This data can then be used to help identify areas within your production that require improvement; such as bottlenecks, reliability issues and product defects.

Whilst production monitoring and datalogging systems primarily help to boost your factory’s production efficiency, they can also be used as a great way to motivate your staff by creating a culture of continuous improvement. This, in turn, can encourage your staff to always strive for improved performance and feel like they’re contributing to making a difference within the entire company. Production monitoring and datalogging systems can also create a perpetual awareness of problem areas and help people focus on improving processes.  It is also important to appropriately reward any innovations or significant improvements that your staff perform, in order to sustain this type of culture.


  1. Downtime and Efficiency Tracking

Downtime and efficiency tracking systems monitor your plant 24/7, giving instant notification of plant stoppages and downtime.  With the more advanced downtime and efficiency tracking systems it is possible to log in remotely to your plant to see exactly where the faults are and what needs to be done to rectify them.  When used with a production monitoring and datalogging system, it is also possible to use this data to calculate OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

By investing in downtime and efficiency tracking systems, you can give your staff the tools they need to work faster and smarter and create improvements in working conditions, which is another factor that plays an important part when it comes to staff motivation. You can also use this kind of technology to assess performance and then make executive decisions based on that.


  1. Automated Palletising

Autoamted palletising solutions enable you to reduce downtime and remove the risk of RSI occuring.

Installing and automated palletising solution can help transform working conditions and improve your production throughput. From standard pick and place palletising of bags or boxes through to high speed layer forming palletising, the Granta GA15 palletising system is a very versatile and flexible option for all your palletising requirements. Automated container unloading and palletising is also made possible thanks to the quick and easy programming software.


These are just some of the main types of automation that can help you increase factory staff motivation. If you’d like more information about the Granta GA15 palletising system and how we can help you achieve with automation, get in touch today on 01223 499 488 or use our unique project builder to get a quote online in just a few minutes!

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