Try Automated Robotic Palletising Of Your Product Before You Buy

Our free trial scheme has been developed to allow you to see how your product would work on the Granta palletising system before you commit to investing capital in the system.

Often one of the questions asked when introducing automated palletising into a production process is ‘How well will it work for my product?’ and this is a very fair question. Automated palletising works well for virtually all products, but we are very happy to prove this to you by demonstrating the palletiser handing your product before you commit to the capital outlay required.

There are many different factors that can influence the optimum method of palletising of your product; shape, size, regularity of shape, weight, texture, solidity, etc. Some products may need different types of gripper due to irregular shape, specific handling points on the product, etc. All of these factors have to be considered before the best method of palletising your product can be ascertained.

Although we are confident that automated palletising will work, we offer this try before you buy scheme to provide certainty around your investment and to give you peace of mind. Without a trial of your product on a palletiser before you commit to the capital expenditure, it is very difficult for you to be certain as to how well your product will palletise. Whilst you may be palletising bags, and there are multiple bag palletiser options available, there are also multiple factors that can affect how well the bags will stack. Some of the factors that will have an effect on how well a pallet is stacked include; how full the bag is, are the contents of the bag free flowing, are the bag contents uneven. Sometimes with particularly challenging shapes or types of product, how well your bags will palletise, and what modifications the gripper will need to enable your bags to palletise correctly, can only be determined by a trail.

As we realise the importance of trying your product on an automated palletiser before you buy, we have developed a try before you buy scheme that enables you to do this. You can either

  • Send us your product to try on a palletiser and we will send you videos of the trial so that you can see whether or not automated palletising is going to work for you.
  • Or, you can visit Granta to watch a trial of your product on a palletiser.

Both of these methods offer you a fool proof method of ensuring that your investment in robotic palletising is sound and will yield the necessary return on investment for you.

Contact us to book your free trial or 01223 499488.

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