Can Palletising Be Automated Where The Product Size Changes Frequently?

This is a question that is often asked when automated palletising is being considered. In the past, the answer to this question would have been ‘no’, but with the many advances in technology, multi box, multi line palletising has become possible to automate.  As a result, this has enabled many companies that were not previously able to automate their pallet stacking processes, to now automate, and realise the benefits that automated palletising brings.

Systems have been developed with easy programming software where your staff can input the product dimensions, and then stack patterns are automatically generated.  The video below shows an example of easy programming software on a robotic palletiser.

With the right robotic palletising system, you will be able to program the robot to stack different size boxes off multiple lines simultaneously. This has the added benefit of reducing the amount of capital needed to install a palletising system, as one system can be used for two or more lines.

This video clip below shows a robotic palletiser palletising two different box sizes simultaneously off two production lines onto separate pallets.  This functionality has been made viable by the development of palletising software that can be programmed by factory staff. 

Before purchasing a palletising system it is well worth carrying out research to ensure that the system will meet your requirements.  Some of the key points to ensure you have covered include:

  • Can the system palletise as fast as, or faster than, the speed the production process can run at?
  • Will the gripper head handle the product appropriately without damaging or dropping the product?
  • If you are using slip sheets, can it place them?
  • Can the system be quickly reprogrammed for different bag or box sizes?
  • Can the system be adapted/moved as production processes change?
  • Has your product been tried on the system to ensure it will work?

You may also find this Palletiser URS template useful.

If you are unable to make the initial capital payment for purchasing a palletising system, you may wish to consider a leasing scheme.  Purchasing via a leasing scheme enables you to realise the benefits of automating the process without having to make a large, upfront payment for the system. There are various types of leasing options on the market, and more details on the leasing scheme we offer are available here

To discuss your specific application in more detail, feel free to contact us on 01223 499488 or and we will be very happy to help.


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