What is a Cobot Palletiser?

A cobot palletiser is a type of robotic palletising system that utilises collaborative robots (cobots) to stack boxes, cartons, or other items onto pallets.

Unlike traditional industrial robots, cobots are designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace, and can safety work alongside humans without any additional safety or barriers being required. However, they do run slightly slower in collaborative mode to meet all the safety requirements. With additional safety such as guarding or scanners, some cobots will switch to industrial robot speeds until the safety is broken by a person entering the safety zone, when it will then slow to collaborative robot speeds.  This enables the system to continue to palletise product whilst full pallets are being removed from the cell.

This type of palletising system is particularly useful in environments where flexibility and adaptability are required, as cobots can be easily reprogrammed to handle different products or palletising patterns. A cobot palletiser is also often used where there is limited space available as it typically has a very small footprint.

If you would like to know more about the Granta Cobot Palletiser, then please do get in touch on 01223 499488 or contact us at helpline@granta-automation.co.uk.  We will also be very happy to arrange a free demonstration at our site.

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