Facing Labour Resourcing Challenges? This May Be Of Interest…

With many facing labour resourcing challenges at present, our range of palletisers, AMRs and AGVs may be the solution you’re looking for as they typically have a very fast payback, and are available to lease.

AMRs and AGVs

These AMRs and AGVs can be used in conjunction with any of the Granta palletiser systems, or any application where pallets need moving around your factory.



Cobot Palletiser

The cobot system is a 30kg collaborative robot palletiser which has force sensing enabling it to be run safely alongside people. It is very compact and well suited for applications where there is minimal floor space for a palletising system, or where you want the cobot to stay running whilst changing pallets.


Compact Palletiser

The compact palletiser has a small footprint and low profile conveyors which allow for pallet truck take off, along with high speed auto pallet feeding. This system uses an industrial robot so has a lot higher payload than the cobot, whilst maintaining a small cell size.


Modular Palletiser

The modular system is based on modules that bolt together, and has an industrial robot with high payload. It is suited for virtually any palletising application. The modularity of the system makes it very quick to install and reconfigure, and it can be adapted as your requirements change.


Easy Programming Software

All of our palletiser systems come with the Granta easy programming software as standard. This removes a lot of expense and inconvenience as your operators can program the palletiser themselves.


Palletiser Accessories

There are many different accessories available for integration into our palletising systems including: pallet wrappers, barcode readers,  boom conveyors,  etc.


If you would like more information or pricing on any of these products, or would like to discuss your specific application, then feel free to contact us on 01223 499488 or helpline@granta-automation.co.uk and we will be very happy to help.

Bag PalletiserBag Palletiser
Barrel PalletiserBarrel Palletiser
Box PalletiserBox Palletiser
Crate PalletiserCrate Palletiser
Tray PalletiserTray Palletiser
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