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Automated Container Unloading Palletising System

Container unloading and palletising (also often referred to as container destuffing) can be easily automated using the Modular palletising series. Watch the video above.

Container unloading to date has presented a problem for those wanting to automate the palletising process; as it used to be very time consuming to re-program a palletiser for a different product size. However with its quick and easy programming software, the Modular palletising series can be quickly and easily re-programmed in minutes, allowing containers to be unloaded and palletised quickly. If you are regularly changing the product sizes you are palletising, you may wish to consider our fully automated programming system which will automatically set up pallet stack patterns and program the robot.

The basic Modular container unloading system involves a boom conveyor that extends into the container which the product is loaded on to. The product is then conveyed to the palletising cell where it is automatically palletised. Each Modular container unloading system is designed and personalised to suit your specific requirements and can include custom modules such as; pallet stretch wrapping, labelling, automatic pallet feeders, etc.

Palletising speeds are optimised to suit your process and depending on the speeds you need to achieve and the product you are palletising, a standard pick and place method may be used, or for higher speed applications a layer forming process will be used.

Our palletiser application pages give an overview of the many different applications where the Modular palletiser can be used, and explain in more detail the different types of gripper that are used for different products.

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