KUKA Robot Official System Partners

GRANTA ARE OFFICIAL SYSTEM PARTNERS FOR KUKA ROBOTS.  KUKA sell the robots but do not carry out integration themselves, as their system partners we carry out the robot integration and surounding automation systems for their robots. We have a wealth of experience in robotic automation in a wide range of industries from automotive to food and beverage.The videos below are some examples of KUKA robot installations. The first two are part of a KUKA robot advertising series; the first video shows a KUKA robot playing table tennis and the second video shows a KUKA robot playing chamber music.

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KUKA Agilus v Timo Boll

Who will win the table tennis tournament? KUKA Ailus or Timo Boll....



KUKA Ailus play chamber music

KUKA Agilus v Timo Boll playing chamber music.



Robots tending metal press

This short video shows how robots can be used to tend a metal press.




This KUKA robot has in-built collision detection. Watch this video to see how it works. Human interaction robot for use with desktop applications where a robot can safely interact with a human without guarding.



KUKA robot sharpening sheep shearing blades

This KUKA robot picks up sheep shearing blades, sharpens them, then places them in a different container.



KUKA robot layer palletiing

KUKA robots can be used for layer palletising. This video shows drink cartons being palletised.




The KUKA LBR IIWA has collision detection with high sensitivity. Watch it touch an egg without breaking it! The robot is force sensitive and can effectively monitor forces in any orientation.



Gantry Mounted Robots

Pick and place gantry mounted robots. Multiple robots working together on a gantry.



Food Industry Robots

Robots are often used in the food industry and bakeries. This robot its handling trays of cooked and uncooked pastry and loading an oven.



Palletising Robots

Robot can be used very effectively at the end of a production line to stack pallets. Watch this palletising robot stack bags of sand.



Sorting and Labelling of Goods

Robots can be used to sort goods. This robot is being used as part of an automatic sorting and labelling process.



Mixed case palletising robot.

KUKA robots can be used to palletise mixed size products.



Robotic Palletising

Goods can be bagged and effectively palletised at the end of a production process by using a palletising robot.



Robotic ultrasonic cutting

Robotic ultrasonic cutting can be used for a wide range of applications. Watch this robotic ultrasonic cutter cutting cake.