Vision and Inspection Systems


Imaging And Machine Vision Is A Key Technology That Is Ever Evolving

As imaging technology continues to improve, so does its impact on manufacturing; with a much wider range of uses within production facilities. From increasing production speeds by automating previously manual processes, right through to improving the accuracy of quality control, vision systems are more commonplace than ever.

Sustaining and improving quality control remains at the heart of any manufacturer who wishes to build a long lasting relationship with their customer base. Quite simply, if your target market can depend on your ability to consistently produce products that meet their levels of expectation it is far more likely your business will continue to grow.

Vigilance decrement (waning concentration over time) is likely to be a key issue to any company that has a manual inspection process, and can result in inconsistent quality control which in turn could lead to expensive returns and recall, and ultimately a loss in public confidence. Vision inspection systems can be used to create a more stringent and reliable inspection process that upholds the quality standards you require, and are a very cost effective way of implementing automatic quality assurance and control at very high speeds, with stringent accuracy.

What’s more, reliable machine vision inspection systems can also be used cost-effectively to;

  • Identify defects
  • Check product quality
  • Log production quantities
  • Track barcodes
  • Log serial numbers
  • Measure parts
  • Assist other automation, eg. robots, during manufacturing process


Measuring and Shape Detection


Vision can be used effectively for measuring parts, both in 3D and 2D. 3D scanning can also be used for drawing 3D CAD models of random parts and shapes.


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3D Vision


3D vision is becoming very widely used for inspecting profiles of parts where 2D vision will not work.


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2D Vision


There are many applications where 2D vision can help you.


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Barcode Reading and Label Checking


There are many different barcode reading and label checking vision systems available.


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