Vision and Inspection Systems


Imaging And Machine Vision Is A Key Technology That Is Ever Evolving

Tasks that were previously difficult or impossible to automate can now become highly automated with massively increased production speeds and lower production costs.

Vision and inspection systems are a very cost-effective way of implementing automatic quality assurance and control - at very high speeds and with stringent accuracy requirements. Vision and inspection technology is often a very simple way to boost the competitive edge of your company.

  • Automatic quality assurance and control
  • Boost the competitive edge of your company



Measuring and Shape Detection


Vision can be used effectively for measuring parts, both in 3D and 2D. 3D scanning can also be used for drawing 3D CAD models of random parts and shapes.


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3D Vision


3D vision is becoming very widely used for inspecting profiles of parts where 2D vision will not work.


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2D Vision


There are many applications where 2D vision can help you.


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Barcode Reading and Label Checking


There are many different barcode reading and label checking vision systems available.


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