Industrial Robots


Industrial Robots Have Thousands Of Uses

From basic pick and place applications through to painting, welding, palletising, CNC milling, assembly and much more. There are a wide range of different types of industrial robots available.

Probably the most common type of industrial robot is the robotic arm type which typically come as 5 axis robots for standard pick and place application in plane, or 6 axis robots for more complex applications where the products needs twisting from the horizontal (similar to the image above).

The cartesian robot is also a very common type of industrial robot, that used to be cheaper, but is now not so commonly installed apart from for injection moulding machines.

Delta robots are mounted above conveyors and are typically used for high speed pick and place applications.

Fast pick robots are also another option for fast pick and place applications; with cycle times as fast as 150 cycles per minute.

In recent years a wide range of different types of collaborative robots have hit the market and these are becoming increasingly used in industrial applications, but they are mostly smaller, slower robots with less of the complex functionality available. This limits their usefulness for some applications.

Installing and commissioning robotic systems requires a wide range of skilled automation engineers; from robot programmers and PLC programmers through to mechanical engineers and CAD design engineers. We can simulate your production process with robots in it so you can see how robots would look and work in your process. Looking at a simulation of your production process with robots enables you to make design changes prior to implementation.

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