Disapec Granta Automation


IT IS OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE TO US THAT THE AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS WE PROVIDE YOU WITH ARE EXPLICITLY SUITED TO YOUR NEEDS, so for every automation project we first produce a diaspec. The Granta diaspec is unrivalled and registered. It is the optimum way to start any automation project. The diaspec will include the following as necessary:

    • Holding a brainstorming session with specialist automation engineers to generate the most effective ideas and solutions for your automation requirements.

    • Prototyping and testing concepts to establish the best method(s) of automating the process.

    • Obtaining accurate pricing for the optimum automation solution(s). This often includes joint visits with our customers to suppliers of specialist automation equipment (eg. robot suppliers).

    • Investigating design simplification and cost saving options to reduce the budgeted price as far as possible without compromising on the final quality or effectiveness of the solution. (We have regularly saved our customers significant amounts of money at this stage.)

    • Sharing our design ideas with you and discussing automation options to ensure that the final solution meets your specific requirements.

    • Drawing up outline designs for the agreed final option and producing a 3D animated CAD drawing of the solution (if required).

    • The diaspec costs a small percentage of the full project price and is refundable against the cost of the complete automation project. This means you get the benefit of expert automation consultancy, cost savings ideas, and proven designs and specifications of a final solution that exactly matches your requirements at no extra cost, prior to proceeding with the full project.