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How Do We Help You Achieve With Automation?

This informative video will give you a brief overview of what we do at Granta Automation and how we manage our processes to ensure the success of your automation project.

All of our machinery is special purpose. We develop and manufacture custom solutions to automate manufacturing processes; from small control panels and machines through to complete robotic production lines.

Some examples of our bespoke automation projects to date include:

  • robotic box filling,
  • robotic assembly lines,
  • liquid filling machines,
  • vision inspection and sorting systems,
  • specialist counting machines,
  • pick and place systems including palletising,
  • product labelling and coding,
  • food packing machinery,
  • and machines for manufacturing specialist medical devices.

We work with a wide range of different industries, for example:

  • food and beverage companies, making and packing food and drink,
  • pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing and packing medical devices,
  • automotive companies, manufacturing, assembling, and vision inspecting parts for vehicles,
  • construction product manufacturers, manufacturing products such as hinges, doors, adhesives, and timber frames.
  • we also work with many other manufacturing industries; from aerospace through to chemicals.

Our cross-industry experience helps us to bring you the most advanced technology from a wide range of different industries. This enables us to solve your automation challenges in the most innovative and effective way possible; putting you at the cutting edge of your industry.

We have a unique and advanced 9 stage automation project development process which is managed by certified prince 2 practitioners. This process keeps your project on track, keeps you up to date with project progress, and provides the ultimate solution for your requirements.

Finally we support you and your automated system, not just during the development phase, but also once it’s on site and running. We have a range of support contracts which can be tailored to suit your requirements; from annual servicing and electrical safety checks through to 24/7 support. All of our projects come with the first year of support free.

Our ultimate goal at Granta is to help you achieve with automation, which we successfully do day after day for our clients.


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