Dashboards and Scoreboards


A Dashboard or Scoreboard Is One Of The Most Effective Staff Motivators

It is a known and proven fact that a scoreboard or dashboard is one of the most effective means of staff motivation. A team's speed of working and success/failure rate, when displayed live to everyone in the factory/unit/team, motivates them beyond any other method.

Imagine a football or cricket match without a scoreboard? Would the team and those supporting them be so enthusiastic? If you drive past the local village green can you tell if those playing football are keeping score or not? Whilst your staff are unlikely to be in such fast paced activities, knowing the score is extremely important for anyone to keep peak performance.

The score can be all sort of things but it ultimately needs to be what will motivate your staff. A few examples of scoreboards for the production environment include:

  • Units produced/assembled/manufactured today or this shift
  • Bonus the team will be getting
  • Production speed or run rate e.g. units per hour
  • % passing quality control

We develop scoreboards and data tracking systems bespoke to your requirements. You can choose what your scoreboard looks like, what data is shown and what inputs are used from you production line to drive it. The scoreboards can be driven by data from several different sources for example from your ERP system, sensors on your machines, HMI’s for staff to enter data or almost any other source of data.