Production Monitoring and Datalogging


Production Monitoring and Datalogging Systems Bring Vast Benefits

Production monitoring and data logging systems are rapidly becoming recognised across the world for the vast benefits they bring. Some of the benefits and features of Granta's production monitoring and data logging systems are listed below:

  • Increased staff incentive
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased efficiency
  • Highlighting of potential areas for improvement
  • Instant fault reporting
  • Accurate efficiency monitoring
  • Increased accuracy/repeatability of products
  • Remote monitoring of processes

Having many years of experience implementing production monitoring and datalogging systems, we’ve seen our clients transform the efficiency and productivity levels of their business after they started using dashboards to monitor their KPIs and/or other important data. This monitoring has helped them to identify key improvement areas within their production such as bottlenecks and to establish the efficiency level the company is performing at. They have then been able to use this data to devise a strategy to help them improve their performance and drive further growth.

Positive use of data monitoring automatically creates a culture of continuous improvement which in turn has its own benefits. With a culture of continuous improvement, you become a cutting edge leader in your own industry, your staff are always looking for ways to improve, and your production quality and reliability improves.

Make the most of the useful data you can get about your company.  Inputs for the monitoring system can be taken from any number of different types of sensors, detectors, encoders, etc. The other form of input is HMI screens local to each machinery operator so they can input other manual data such as batch numbers, or parts assembled by hand, etc.

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Dashboards and Scoreboards


Dashboards and scoreboards are one of the most effective means of staff motivation.


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CSV Datalogging and Output


All of the Granta production monitoring and data logging systems are available with the option for CSV output of history and data.


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Downtime and Efficiency Tracking


Tracking of machine running along with instant notification of a plant stoppage and downtime is guaranteed to help keep your plant running for as many hours of the day as possible.


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Remote Diagnostics


With remote diagnostics you can log into your machinery or process from a remote office or via a smartphone, enabling you to check the status of the machinery, receive regular updates, and get instant fault reporting.


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