Control Systems


Looking For A Bespoke Control System?

Granta's bespoke automated control systems cover many different areas from small, simple control circuits through to highly complex control panels for controlling complete production lines and factories.

Our control system building and designing services benefit you in many ways:

  • Excellent technical support to help you get the perfect match for your needs
  • We cover all aspects of control panel building, from design through to manufacture and software programming, in-house, giving you fast lead times
  • We ensure your control panels have the necessary accreditations such as CE marking.



Control Panels


We design, build and install electrical and pneumatic control panels for you, ranging from very small control panels through to large projects with multiple large control panels that have touch screens and remote control.

Why use Granta for control panel building?


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Production Line Control Systems


Production line control systems can be used to control as much or as little of your production process as you require; from the basic control of one machine through to the control of multiple machines and processes.


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Control System Design Service


Our specialist consulting and design service helps you with developing control systems for any products or systems you are developing.


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Control Units For OEM Machine Builders


With advanced design processes and software we are able to help you develop the ultimate control system for your machinery.


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Atex Control Panels


Granta can help you with all aspects of atex control panels and systems for explosive atmospheres.


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