Bespoke Machinery


Bespoke Machinery Can Give You Large Returns On Investment

Bespoke Automated Machinery that is custom built and automated to suit your exact requirements can give you large returns on investment. Many Granta customers have been surprised to find that bespoke automated machinery is often cheaper, and a better investment, than standard machinery that is already available on the market. There are several reasons for this:

  • Standard machinery often only performs some, not all of the tasks needed, resulting in multiple machines having to be purchased. A bespoke machine can be designed to do multiple functions with one machine.
  • With standard machinery you are often paying for costly unnecessary features.
  • Bespoke machines are built to integrate with other existing machines in your production process, this means installation is often a lot quicker, minimising downtime in your production process.
  • As bespoke machinery is custom made it can often be made to be vastly simpler to use (even if it is doing a more complicated process) as it is tailored to your exact requirements.