Bespoke Automated Packing


How Do You Automate The Packing Of Irregular Products?

Packaging the products you produce is often a simple, straightforward task. But what happens when you are producing a product that is not regular in size, doesn’t fit into standard packaging machinery or is even a ‘live’ product? Automatic packaging then becomes increasingly difficult and you end up having to employ staff to pack your products by hand. This then becomes a costly, laborious process which in turn results in the ever increasing risk of repetitive strain injuries occurring.

At Granta we have many years of experience in automating what seems to be the impossible.  From packing live insects to putting chocolates into boxes, we’ve created automated packing processes for many diverse applications.

There are many different methods of packaging products; from putting them into boxes to wrapping them in cellophane.  Be it large, irregular shaped items or small, fragile items, we are able to create the optimum bespoke automated packaging solution for your requirements.