Bespoke Automation

Bespoke Automation


THINK AROUND YOUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE AUTOMATED to improve your quality of life, competitive advantage, productivity, profits or... the possibilities are endless.

So, it’s in your hand, let your imagination run wild! Every day we are working on bespoke automation projects for equipment, systems, processes and machinery that have never been built before. Our automation engineers are innovating, researching, designing and building solutions to situations that have never been automated before. They love it!

As technology advances at an increasingly faster pace, more sophisticated automation methods have appeared to help streamline production processes and increase productivity, whilst reducing labour costs. However, existing machines are only suitable for particular applications, which may not fit businesses who have special requirements and this is where bespoke automation comes in to save the day! By opting for a bespoke automation solution, you can use automation to bring to life the project you have in mind, to achieve your business goals and surpass them.

With our bespoke automation, we do everything possible to achieve your exact goals and more. Each solutions is bespoke and tailored to suit your requirements. Using our cutting edge innovation we are able to provide the exact solution to meet your needs.

  • You bring us the problem, grain of an idea or complete concept.
  • We draw up a proposal to clarify the required concept and give you an estimated cost for the project.
  • Following your acceptance we then proceed with our unrivalled Diaspec process to ensure we create the optimum bespoke automation solution for you.
  • Once you have approved the proposed solution we then build this for you. 
  • Following a FAT, we are then ready to integrate the solution into your process.
  • After install, you reap the benefits of your automation solution year on year!

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