Bespoke Automation


What Would You Like To Automate?

Bespoke automation can be attractive for a number of reasons; to improve your competitive advantage, health and safety, productivity, profits or... the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking to improve your production process, or tasked with looking into an automation project, then you are definitely in the right place.

Every day we are working on bespoke automation projects for equipment, systems, processes and machinery that have never been built before. Our automation engineers are innovating, researching, designing and building solutions to situations that have never been automated before.

As technology advances at an increasingly faster pace, more sophisticated automation methods have appeared to help streamline production processes and increase productivity whilst reducing labour costs. Where there are existing machines on the market already, these are often only suitable for particular applications, which may not fit businesses who have special requirements so this is where bespoke automation comes in. By opting for a bespoke automation solution, you can use automation to bring to life the project you have in mind, and to achieve your business goals and surpass them.

With our bespoke automation, we do everything possible to achieve your exact goals and more. Each solution is bespoke and tailored to suit your requirements. Using our cutting edge innovation we are able to provide the exact solution to meet your needs.

You bring us the problem, grain of an idea or complete concept and we help you take it through to completion.



Bespoke Machinery


Bespoke automated machinery that is custom built and automated to suit your exact requirements can give you large returns on investment. Many Granta customers have been surprised to find that bespoke automated machinery is often cheaper, and a better investment, than standard machinery that is already available on the market.


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Bespoke Automated Packing


Packaging the products you produce is often a simple, straightforward task. But what happens when you are producing a product that is not regular in size, doesn’t fit into standard packaging machinery or is even a ‘live’ product?


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Machinery Integration


Often in a production process there are several separate machines or manufacturing processes that require manual labour to move parts between processes. Granta use automation systems, conveyors, and/or robots to string this machinery into a production line with automated control linking up all the machines.


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Old Machinery Automation


Old machinery once overhauled and modernised can become as good as or better than new machinery. Granta’s old machinery automation service is unique in the UK market, we are prepared to work with, and automate, any of your old machinery, adding quality bespoke automation.


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