What are The Advantages of Automatic Product Sorting?


Increasing the reliability and quality of your products and services is a must for any manufacturer. Those that work to short delivery times and high levels of distribution need to rely on machinery that will meet the demands of their customers while optimising efficiency to remain competitive.

Automated sorting systems play an integral part in ensuring goods and products across a range of industries are organised and distributed correctly. Manufacturers now understand the speed, accuracy and capacity benefits automated sorting machinery brings to the production line.

If you are thinking about introducing automated sorting systems to your facility and aren’t sure what the advantages of automatically sorting and counting products are, read on to find out more.


Increased efficiency

This begins with the staff working on the factory floor. Automated sorting machines are able to consistently perform the same repetitive motion to the same standard, lowering the prospect of injuries and, even worse, accidents. Injuries can lead to time off for the affected party and rising costs for the manufacturer.

The advantage for workers is the opportunity to learn other skills in the company away from uninspiring jobs that require them to repeat the same motion time and again. Robotic sorting systems do not require breaks or time off and can process a higher quota of products in a shorter space of time.


Lower costs

Combined with a faster rate of throughput, lower costs provides huge benefits for manufacturers. Although the upfront cost for any piece of automation should always be assessed by the business before making the commitment, it should also be tempered with the ROI. This will not be a slow process as gains in efficiency are almost immediate, meaning savings will impact the business straightaway.

Not only are there savings to be made with lower wage costs, but improved energy use management through better use of the machinery also has a positive effect. We have helped countless businesses who are contemplating investing in automation for the first time, and our Bespoke Machinery Buying Guide gives a good overview of what needs to be considered when investing in automation.


Improved accuracy

In many manufacturing sectors such as automotive, and pharmaceutical and medical, accuracy is of paramount importance. Sorting machines can operate quickly and more cost efficiently, while ensuring the quality of the product is never compromised.

Human error often plays a large part in many of the incidents that occur within a production facility and the introduction of counting and sorting systems removes much of those concerns. The positive knock on effect is that with a product being manufactured to a consistently higher standard, it opens the door to the acquisition of new customers.


With increased safety for employees, a faster rate of production, lower costs and better quality products, there are many reasons to invest in robotic sorting machines. Their ability to sort and count goods of any shape and size mean they can easily fit into any production process and add significant benefits.

According to the Association for Advancing Automation, the first half of 2017 saw a 26% rise in investment compared to the same period the previous year. 2018 looks set to continue that trend as companies across every sector begin to realise the advantages automation can add to their business.

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