Two Key Factors to Increased Profitability! Granta Update September 2017

eshotTwo Key Factors to Increased Profitability…

Wondering how to make this work in your factory?  Wanting to increase your profitability? Read on to find out how!

Make sure you’re the person on the highest stack!



costsHave you tried these methods of reducing your manufacturing costs?

You will no doubt be very familiar with the usual methods of reducing manufacturing costs, and I’ve no doubt you take great pride in keeping your costs as low as you can.

But, there are other, perhaps more hidden ways that costs can be reduced – have you tried them?

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MotivateDo incentivised factory staff make a difference to your bottom line?

Motivated workers can:

  • Be more efficient
  • Be more productive
  • Influence your entire business

But how do you motivate those doing repetitive tasks?  This short Slideshare presentation will give you the answers you’re looking for.

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ProductivityYou’re going to be wanting to measure the productivity of your factory…

We knew you’d be wanting some way of measuring the productivity of your factory so we’ve created a downloadable productivity calculator.

This simple calculator can be used to measure and compare the productivity of your complete production process or a particular process or machine within your production process.

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How-willEver wondered how automation will work for you?

Think around your sphere of influence, what would you like automated to improve your quality of life, competitive advantage, productivity, profits or…  the possibilities are endless!

This short video will give you some idea of the types of automation that are available

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