The Importance of Embracing Machine Vision Inspection


According to recent research by Credence Research Inc, the machine vision and inspection market is predicted to reach over US$ 14 billion by 2022. At Granta, we’ve always appreciated the ever-growing importance that machine vision systems play within the automation industry, as they can be used for a large number of tasks which before seemed almost impossible to automate.

What’s more, reliable machine vision systems can be used cost-effectively to increase production speed and efficiency, in order for a wide range of businesses to achieve better results. Further benefits of machine vision systems include:

  • Reducing defects
  • Reducing variable cost
  • Improving product quality
  • Improving overall sales and the brand image of your company which will be perceived as a reliable supplier
  • Improve the quality of life for workers

Gone are the days of human mass inspection, which often proved to be an inherently unreliable and difficult process. By investing in a high quality machine vision system for inspection, you can also gain a competitive edge against your competitors, by implementing an automatic quality assurance and control which can contribute towards improving your overall business performance.

To learn more about the benefits of machine vision inspection systems and how you can start taking advantage of them, simply contact our team of automation experts on 01223 499488 or email

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