Increasing Productivity with Automation

A 2015 article from the Harvard Business Review which analyses recent studies highlights the positive correlation between automation and the use of robots and an increase in productivity across different countries. At Granta Automation, we appreciate the importance that investing in automation can play when it comes to increasing productivity by streamlining a business’s processes.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of automation available, from robotics and machinery integration to monitoring and datalogging, control systems, custom automation and more. What do they all have in common? They can help increase productivity levels and efficiency via faster throughput and production speeds, as well as increased accuracy and repeatability. This means that businesses which opt for automation can enjoy better results for reduced labour costs, leading to an overall increase in profitability levels. Furthermore, automation, and especially robots, can be used for task which might prove dangerous or hard to handle for people, making production processes safer.

With so many automation options available now, it might seem challenging to choose the right one for your business. Derek Marsh, Head of Marketing at Granta Automation comments, “We’ve been working in the automation industry for many years and we’ve worked together with businesses from all sorts of industries – packaging, food production, pharmaceutical – just to name a few, and they were all interested in harnessing the benefits of automation to improve productivity, as well as reduce their costs.”

 “Automation can now be used for such an impressive array of applications that a lot of our customers are overwhelmed in the beginning and this is where our automation specialists truly make a difference. We start with a free budget proposal then create the optimal automation solutions. Our projects range from simple control panels and custom automation through to complete robotic production lines.”

If you’re also interested in increasing productivity levels for your business, using automation, then contact Granta Automation today to get started.

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