Does Vision Inspection Improve Quality Control?

Vision systems

Vision and inspection systems have a large variety of applications, from speeding up the production process to reducing production costs. But perhaps their most important application is their ability to improve quality control.

Due to their ability to provide accurate feedback and work at very high speeds, various vision and inspection systems, such as 2D and 3D vision, are often implemented in production lines in order to improve quality assurance and control.  Vision inspection creates a more stringent and reliable inspection process that upholds the quality standards you require.  For example, measuring and shape detection vision systems are able to effectively measure different parts of a product and cross check these dimensions with the product specification. Products that do not meet the required specification are then rejected, thus improving the quality of finished products.

When it comes to mass production, depending on the kind of goods you are producing, barcode reading and label checking vision systems may also be useful.   Barcode reading and label checking vision systems can be used to automate and increase the accuracy of your process by ensuring that all the labels and printing are correct and present during the production process. They are also an excellent way of monitoring your production speeds.

Whether you need more precise feedback or a reliable system that can automatically improve the quality control of your production lines, consider investing in vision systems. By doing this you can not only improve the overall quality control standards of your business, but also enjoy improved efficiency and productivity which in turn can help you maximise profits.

If you’re ready to improve the quality control of your production lines with the help of vision and inspection systems, contact the automation specialists at Granta today or use our online project builder to get a free quote in just a few minutes!


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