Custom Automation – What Are The Benefits?


If you could automate anything at work, what would you choose?

With the help of custom automation you can automate almost anything you want, instead of being constrained by the capabilities of standard machinery available on the market.

This means that by opting for custom automation you can focus on your specific needs for your business and use bespoke automated machinery to boost productivity and efficiency. But this is not the only benefit of custom automation.

Reduced costs

At Granta, we’ve been working for years on a wide range of bespoke automation projects, creating and implementing equipment, systems and machinery that have never been built before. Our customers are often surprised to discover that by opting for custom automation, they can actually save money and make a smarter investment compared to the cost it would take to implement multiple standard machines to perform the functionality required.

Faster installation and reduced downtime

When we design the bespoke automated machinery we’re going to use as part of your custom automation project, we always take into account your existing equipment and other machines which allows us to easily integrate your new machinery within the production process. In doing so, we are able to minimise the downtime required for the installation and make the entire process faster.

Easier to use

Instead of having to handle multiple machines, each one performing a different task, by opting for a custom automation solution you can enjoy the fact that it is so much easier to use, due to the machinery being tailor-made for your needs.

If you’re ready to harness the power and benefits of custom automation for your business, get started by contacting the Granta team of automation experts with your ideas and requirements or use our handy online project builder to create your own quote in just a few minutes!

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