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The Growing Demand for Industrial Robots

Whilst there is much hype and discussion about the rise of the robots and growing prevalence of artificial intelligence, industrial robots have been in action on manufacturing floors since the mid-1970s, with the first programmable robot designed by George Devol … Continue reading

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I4 (Industry 4.0) and How It Is Changing the World

I4 which stands for ‘Industry 4.0’ is a fairly recent term that refers to the fourth industrial revolution which is currently taking place in the automation and manufacturing industries. More precisely, this concept refers to modern technologies and processes, such … Continue reading

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Machinery Integration

Within a production process there are often several different machines or manufacturing processes that require manual labour to move parts between the different processes.  With the use of automation, this manual labour can be greatly reduced or even eliminated. Automation … Continue reading

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Area Conversions Table

Below is a table of the most commonly used area conversion.

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Looking for an Automation Consultant?

At Granta, our automation consultants have many years of experience in working with companies to develop the optimum automation solution to meet their requirements. Our automation consultants will work alongside your engineers to help develop your optimum automation solution, or … Continue reading

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