Medium Robotic Handling or Pick and Place System


The robotic handling or pick and place system can be configured for multiple different types of products and plant layouts. It gives a guide price for a robotic handling system that can run without any operator input for picking and placing parts from one process into another. This system will reduce repetitive strain injury and worker fatigue whilst increasing production throughput, productivity and efficiency.

The system includes:

  • A robot.
  • Touch screen control system giving you set up options and a lot of surplus capacity for adding extra functionality such as remote production logging and monitoring.
  • Guarding and doors with interlocks and safety as required.
  • Bespoke robot gripper (the price may vary depending on how complex your items are to pick up and handle, the price will be a generic price for a basic vacuum gripper).
  • A basic conveyor.

This is a fully integrated robotic automation project and includes design, build, install, integrating with your machinery, commissioning and basic training in usage of the system.

The configuration can be modified to suit almost any requirement as you can modify the layout, guarding, how many products the robot picks up at once, stacking configuration and much more.

Add this item to your project quote to see how cheaply you can take your business to the next level with automated robotic handling.