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Having installed our new production monitoring system at the beginning of the year we are already seeing huge benefits and we are only three months into the year! The system gives us complete clarity on what is happening on each production line on a minute by minute basis. The system also monitors the bottlenecks on each line giving us data which enables us to allocate staff accordingly to ensure that the line is kept running as efficiently as possible. The staff are motivated as they can now track progress and hit targets and see themselves making a tangible difference towards the performance of the whole company. The figures are showing us that we just finished the last month 40% up on our month target! A fantastic achievement! Big thanks to the team at Granta.

Production Manager – Large Food Factory

I have to say, your customer service is absolutely fantastic. You guys know what you are doing and get on and do it. We were waiting 3-4 weeks… now we get them in 24/48 hours. It is absolutely brilliant because we work in a very fast moving trade

Large Metals manufacturer

 You are fabulous… more than a supplier… good technical advisors on automation… 

Automation Consultancy Firm

...I will also say a big thank you, I am impressed with the system, I am glued to it, not literally, and I think it could be a game changer for our production efficiency. 

Large Manufacturer