I4 (Industry 4.0) and How It Is Changing the World

I4 which stands for ‘Industry 4.0’ is a fairly recent term that refers to the fourth industrial revolution which is currently taking place in the automation and manufacturing industries. More precisely, this concept refers to modern technologies and processes, such as custom automation or robotics, which can be used to create ‘smart factories’ that take advantage of these technologies and adopt an advanced level of digitisation, in order to streamline their processes and achieve higher productivity, whilst reducing costs.

Due to recent technological advancements and the power of the Internet, manufacturing companies can collect tremendous amounts of data which is in turn analysed to produce useful insights that can determine the best way for completing automation tasks. Ultimately, these improvements can be used to create highly efficient production lines which can increase profitability levels.

Furthermore, companies that are embracing the Industry 4.0 revolution and updating their automation and manufacturing processes and technologies could benefit from significant growth over the coming years, as a recent study conducted by Accenture estimates that the Industry 4.0 could add £352bn by 2030 to the UK economy.

At Granta, we appreciate the importance that Industry 4.0 plays nowadays in the automation and manufacturing landscape, which is why we’ve used our years of experience to provide a wide offering of services that can help manufacturing companies enter the I4 era, including, but not limited to:
Robotic automation
Production monitoring and data logging systems
Control systems
Bespoke machinery

If you want to learn more about our custom automation services which we tailor to suit the specific needs of your business, don’t hesitate to contact our team of automation specialists on 01223 499488 to book a free project appraisal.

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